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address:Qiushe Industrial Park, Tongli Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province 

beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR
beijingFC OA FLOOR

beijingFC OA FLOOR

  • category:beijingSilicste overhead network (anti-static) floor FC OA FLOOR
  • Release date:2019-09-11
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The silicate overhead network (anti-static) floor is completely made of high-tech technology. The completely independent intellectual property rights, perfect and unique design concept and varied styles have subverted the tradition of consistent stecl flooring, making the raised foor closer to the user. It also saves stecl resources and the strength (tested by the Ministry of Information Industry Anti-static Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center) meets the national standards and fully meets the same strength of steel flooring. The advantage is that it is lighter and more durable than traditional elevated steel floors. Strong, carpet laving on the back of the water-free steam, and has anti-static thermal insulation, moisture resistance, no rust, environmental protection, energy saving, recvelable and other high-priced flooring can not he compared to the superior performance, brought to China's high-priced flooring Revolution innovation. 

The newly developed FC OA FLOOR has been successfully exported into the Korean and Japanese markets and gradually sold and used in China. The engineering examples include: China Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee Building, Tokvo Filter (Suzhou) Co., Itd., Tianjin You Nijia Life Supplies Co., Itd.. Shanghai Honggiao Business Center, Sejong City Government Buikding in South Korea, Samsung R&D) Building, Murakami Medical in Japan, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Nagasaki Prefecture Police Headquarters. etc.

  Brief installation guide

1. Flatness, humidity and hardware inspection of the ground before entering the site;

2. Measure and mark the center line and the set of bullet lines;

3. Place the floor bracket:

4. Adjustment level:

5. Install the floor;

6. cutting/closing, adjusting the level;

7. the overall clean.


  Technical performance index



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